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Waiter Curls

The Waiter Curl: A Great Biceps Builder or Just Fancy Curling?

The waiter curl is an biceps exercise that has developed quite a polarizing reputation. To some, it’s an incredibly effective biceps builder that belongs in every solid arm routine. To others, it’s an awkward, inefficient…

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Old-Time Strongman Arm Workout To Blow Up Your Arms

Despite our advances in exercise knowledge, technology, and equipment, some of our iron ancestors still achieved feats of strength that haven’t been replicated today. That’s a testament to the way they trained before the age…

How I Worked Out as a Competitive Bodybuilder

Roman reminisces about his time as a bodybuilder – and shares his favorite workouts.

zottman curl

2 Weird Arm Exercises You Should Start Doing

Weirdass exercises you can start doing today to build muscle and strength.