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Yates Row

How to do a Yates Row: Step by Step, Benefits, and Drawbacks

What the Heck Is a Yates Row? Here we go again with the undescriptive exercise names. The Yates row is a barbell bent-over row, but with your hands supinated (palms facing up). That’s basically it.…

bulgarian split squat

How to Bulgarian Split Squat: Technique, Benefits, Progressions, and Mistakes from Beginners to Advanced Trainees

What The Heck is a Bulgarian Split Squat? You can’t go anywhere these days without people telling you how awesome Bulgarian Split Squats are. And that’s for a good reason: they’re simply one of the…

lower lat exercises

The Long Lost Lat Muscle

Scientists aren’t sure when the lower lat was lost. It may have happened during the burning of the Library of Alexandria. Some theorize that it may have happened when Babylon fell to Persia. And there…

How to Drastically Improve Muscle Striations

Use this guide to increase your muscle striation and become the most shredded organism on the planet.