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landmine chest press

The Landmine Chest Press: Technique, Benefits, and Programming

The landmine chest press is a landmine exercise that targets the chest and shoulder muscles and mimics the angles of an incline bench press.   You set up the exercise first by setting up the…

Your “Inner Chest” Is a Real Thing And This Is Why It Sucks

If you’re not doing unilateral chest work, you don’t have the right to complain about your shitty chest development.

How to Design Your Own Specialization Program

Roman gives some insight as to why he considered specialization training to be superior for muscle growth

Squeeze Presses, Fly-Aways and Guillotine Presses: Image

Three Awesome Exercises For Well Developed Chesticles

Squeeze Presses, Fly-Aways and Guillotine Presses.. oh my.