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stiff leg deadlift

How to Stiff-Leg Deadlift: Technique, Benefits, Variations, and Mistakes

When it comes to burning fat, building muscle, and improving strength, few exercises rival the deadlift. However, the conventional deadlift is not the only, or in my opinion the best, variation to tap into the…

How I Fixed Lower Back Pain

Roman shares a story about his issues with lower back pain, and how he fixed it.

My “Problem” with Kettlebells

Roman gives a breakdown of his opinions on kettlebell training, concerning dogma, posterior chain work, and a sample workout from kettlebell expert Neghar Fonooni, author of Lean & Lovely.

eric cressey high performance handbook

Strength Matters, Ya Big Sissy

Guest post from the one and only Eric Cressey detailing the importance of strength for health, muscle gain, and performance.