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Single Leg Hip Thrust

Single-Leg Hip Thrust: Perfect Form, Mistakes to Avoid, and Variations

Every great workout program should include single-leg exercises, and some serious work for the glutes. Lucky for you, the single-leg hip thrust checks both of these boxes.   What is a Single-Leg Hip Thrust?   Single-leg…

rear delt fly

How To Do a Rear Delt Fly: Technique, Benefits, Common Mistakes

Rear delt flys are a great exercise to train, well, the rear delts. I love me an exercise that is named by the muscle it uses, and the action performed… looking at you, Bulgarian Split…

How To Do The Traditional Split Squat: Benefits, Technique, Variations

For as long as I have been a trainer, split squats have been the single lower body exercise that clients know is the most important for them, yet hate the most. Everyone has a love-hate…

How to Drastically Improve Muscle Striations

Use this guide to increase your muscle striation and become the most shredded organism on the planet.