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rear delt fly

How To Do a Rear Delt Fly: Technique, Benefits, Common Mistakes

Rear delt flys are a great exercise to train, well, the rear delts. I love me an exercise that is named by the muscle it uses, and the action performed… looking at you, Bulgarian Split…

Be Better Than the GAP

You do not shop at the GAP for a pair of jeans that conforms to your ass in a way so profound it redefines your understanding of both science and philosophy.

On Bodybuilding, Broscience, and Doing Shit Because It Works

A Brief Discussion of Research vs. Results, and Why Everything Old is New Again. Maybe all those meatheads in the Golden Age were on to something?

The 3 Biggest Mistakes I Made as a Personal Trainer

Want to make more money as a personal trainer? Your first instinct is probably to make one of these mistakes – but we’ve got a better idea.