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nordic hamstring curl

The Nordic Hamstring Curl: Benefits, Progressions, and Tips For Stronger Hamstrings

What the hell is a nordic hamstring curl? Is it some sort of cold-weather bicep curl? What makes it Nordic? Once you see it, you’ll likely know the exercise we’re talking about, because tons of…

Best Back Workouts At Home

How to Train Your Back Without Equipment (Plus a Home Back Workout)

When you don’t have exercise equipment, you can still do a lot of great exercises and piece together an effective at-home workout program. For legs, you can do all kinds of bodyweight squat and lunges…

The Official Training Protocol of the U.S. Marines

How to look and feel as shredded as the Marines, from the guy who builds their training protocols.

hotel workout

The Best Damn Hotel Workout Ever

Using the same principles that you use in a gym, you can use this hotel workout to ignite your metabolism and stay fit while you’re traveling.