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How to Eat If You Want to Live Forever (Or, At Least, A Long-Ass Time)

In the first article in this series on longevity, I talked about why hormesis is the most important concept in longevity science. In sum, when it comes to living longer, what doesn’t kill us, makes…


Hormesis: The Guiding Concept Behind Longevity Science

Kelly Clarkson has a song that tells us everything we need to know about longevity science, and I’m going to get it stuck in your head… right… now.   “What doesn’t kill you, makes you…

Why and How to Skip Breakfast (and Get Ripped Doing It)

Stop stressing out about “the most important meal of the day.” Here are 7 strategies to make skipping breakfast a little easier.

Why “Feast or Fast” is Better than “Slow and Steady”

The Intermittent Fasting Mindset: how to apply a “Feast or Fast” methodology to maximize efficiency in EVERYTHING you do.