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box squats

Box Squats: Who Should do Them, Proper Technique, and Benefits

Box squats are an exercise that can be both an excellent teaching tool as well an advanced exercise for experienced lifters. As trainers, we don’t ask for much: not terrible gym music, strong coffee, and…

zercher squat

How to Zercher Squat: Technique, Benefits, and Drawbacks

The Zercher squat is not an exercise for the uninitiated. The lifter who invented them was equal parts genius and mad scientist. Ed Zercher was a strongman who was active in the 1930’s and 40’s.…

My #1 Strength Tip

Timing, as with all things, is everything. This will tell you how to get stronger, as well as explain when you should focus explicitly on strength.

5 Ways Yoga Can Make You Stronger [VIDEO]

Combine yoga with weight lifting to achieve maximum performance with minimal pain and injury.